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Myfolite calcium methylfolate capsule


 Myfolite contains 800mcg Calcium L-Methylfolate.
Myfolite's L-Methylfolate source is Magnafolate.

Myfolite methylfolate folate


Myfolite’s L-Methylfolate obtained FDA NDI 920

and self-affirmed GRAS.*

Myfolite's L-Methylfolate has conducted

pharmacology safety studies and

is practically non toxic.*


Magnafolate has conducted L-Methylfolate vs folic acid pregnancy outcomes study in China.*

Magnafolate has rolled out L-Methylfolate interventional study for depression.*

Myfolite methylfolate pregnancy
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Myfolite vs folic acid

Myfolite L-Methylfolate does not require

MTHFR conversion and could be utilised

directly by our body.* 

Myfolite L-Methylfolate is better choice

of folate to support for:*

women/prenatal health;

cardiovascular health;

mental health.

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